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: the condition or property of being dimorphic or dimorphous: such as

a       : the existence of two different forms (as of color or size) of a species especially in the same population

//sexual dimorphism

b       : the existence of a part (such as leaves of a plant) in two different forms

Resource: Merriam-Webster


We are a team of chess enthusiasts and creative woodworking professionals hailing from Hungary, who twisted this popular board game and created this vertical chessboard, an interactive piece of interior decoration for chess fans. Our mission is to transform the perception of chess and spread this vertical, wall-mounted game style. Currently in 2020 we can’t  find any competitors to our set - although there are many straight-up, vertical chess designs, we don’t see any of them that would meet our material and design standards. Therefore we've decided to make our own.

black and white knights on a white background
painted dimorf vertical chessboard

For thousands of years there is an image of chess in the collective consciousness, the board is square with a checkered base and they are placed on the table. The pieces are recognizable even from the smallest detail. In the last 20 years due to a huge technical progress and wide range of available tools, lots of new creative designs appeared with different look than the standard and ordinary chess. However most of them made a fun joke of this extraordinary game. Our goal is to enhance the features of chess. Chess is an art of logic, learning complex strategies and practice of patience. We wanted to put all these factors together with a spectacular solution. It’s an artwork on the wall that you can play with.

Art Of Logic

Our vertical chessboard provides a unique social experience as it enables people to play chess without being physically present all the time during the game. Hanging on the wall, it both decorates your home or office interior and engages you to play with family or co-workers. The board can be placed anywhere - it can be in the office, on a pillar in a lobby, in the hall of your home, in a public environment or even on the porch. Playing when passing by at coffee breaks, while you put the shoes on or eating a sandwich in the kitchen. You don’t even need to worry of children, that can’t sit in one place throughout the game. 

wall-mounted vertical chessboard with concrete ches pieces

The vertical chessboard is made of CNC machined medium-density fibreboard for long lasting quality with silk glossy surface treatment for exclusive appeal. The chess pieces are created with 3D printing technology and casted in concrete. The pieces are robust, easy to grab and move. There is a flexible insert marker that indicates the moves.

concrete and MDF material surface

We have endless further ideas for different concepts, such as different sizes, materials and many unique designed chess pieces, appeal to a wider range of audience and age groups, and different styles for different rooms. Some new designs are already under development. 

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